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Enough is enough – An analysis and review of issues in the Area Action Plan for Camborne, Redruth, Illogan and Pool 2006-2026.
A report from CoSERG providing an analysis of points raised in the draft plan. CoSERG contends that there is a need to explore alternative policies and place them on the agenda. Where political action is necessary to make policy changes, then such actions should be pursued and the appropriate structures of governance established. It is our contention that a Cornish Assembly would have the appropriate powers to make policy, which would meet the needs and aspirations of the population, rather than the current system where local government in Cornwall is constrained by central and regional targets.(2008, Sep)..For pdf copy (445Kb)..Enough is Enough

Affordable housing in Cornwall – a briefing paper :
The Government’s Green paper on housing, released on July 23rd, reiterates plans to ‘build our way out of the problem’ without addressing many of the fundamental causes. (2007, Jul) ..For emailed copy..Click here

Development, growth and regeneration: the triumph of hype over meaning.
The following comments relate to the development proposals for the Camborne-Redruth area contained in the Kerrier Local Development Framework document – Kerrier Vision, Strategy and Core Policies together with the proposals outlined in the Camborne Pool Redruth – Area Action Plan (CPR-AAP) – Initial Draft for Consultation. (2007, Jan) For emailed copy..Click here

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