Economy, Environment, Society – a Cornish perspective

Its consultation time for the Core Strategy.  The plan sets out unsustainable housing growth –  48,000 plus dwellings over twenty years.   Far more than needed to meet local needs.  At this rate by 2100 there will be a million people in Cornwall – not sustainable.

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Cornwall beyond the Crossroads: Bin the Core Strategy

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One comment on “Economy, Environment, Society – a Cornish perspective

  1. Alan Hughes-Jones says:

    A 1 million population in Cornwall by 2100 is not sustainable. 2100 is 87 years away. In your book “Cornwall at the crossroads?” circa 1988, the forcast population for Cornwall was 400,000 by 2001. According to the2011 Census the population was 532,300 so the chances are that unless something is done to stop this population explosion we will reach the 1 million mark well before 2100

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