Traffic in Cornwall – its going up!

Any resident of Cornwall can hardly fail to notice the increasing amount of traffic on Cornish roads. Traffic builds up quicker than it used to, congestion is more common than it was.

Some of the increase in traffic arises from the continuing rise in population – more people result in more cars and more traffic. People are also encouraged to travel more – whether to shop, for leisure or work.

The holiday sector encourages more people to come to Cornwall whether for a short break or longer period.

What do the figures show?

Data from the Department for Transport shows that in Q4 2010 there were 270,000 cars registered in Cornwall. In Q3 2018 there were 298,000.

Thats an increase of 27,700 or 10%!

And with the population expected to carry on rising that means a lot more cars and a lot more congestion.

When will this madness end?


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