Ok how long do we have to wait?

The Governments response to the IPCC report on climate change was on the surface to recognise it as a major issue requiring real action.

So what does the Government plan to do?
Cut out fossil fuels?
Increase fuel duty and limit car use (electric cars still cause problems – congestion and pollution from particulates)?
Drastically cut aviation emissions?
Plan for a steady state population and economy?
Slash its ridiculous housing target?
Create a system which reduces the impact of farming on the environment?
Abolish the obsession with population growth? (You cannot grow the population and cut emissions)
Move away from the consumer culture?

If we don’t, we can say goodbye to planet earth and all who live on it.

Claire Perry, minister for energy, has put out a brief statement.

This report should act as a rallying cry for governments around the world to innovate, invest, and raise ambition to avert catastrophic climate change. The UK has already shown carbon abatement and prosperity can go hand-in-hand and we lead the world in clean growth, slashing emissions by more than 40% since 1990 while growing our economy ahead of the G7. There is now no excuse and real action is needed.

She added that in a “few days”, during the “first-ever Green GB Week”, the government will “outline our next steps to confront this global crisis”.



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