Another subsidy for polluters!

More money has been promised to subsidise flights to and from Newquay.

Two issues – who are the users (second home owners flying to their rural retreats?); and what about the impact on climate change?

If we are to limit climate change, we should be discouraging air travel not encouraging it!

Today (1 October 2018) the government and Cornwall Council have announced that direct flights between Newquay Airport and London Gatwick have been secured for a further 4 years, backed by funding from both organisations.

The service will see daily flights between the 2 airports, with 3 return flights on weekdays and 2 per day at weekends. Operated by FlyBe, the service will commence from October 2018.

This follows success of the previous route offered by Flybe, which saw demand almost double over 3 years. Gatwick flights now account for 40% of all passengers using Newquay Airport.

And the funding has further increased confidence in the airport, with other airlines operating new routes from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Public Service Obligation routes are used to subsidise vital air connections and economic and social development in peripheral regions, where a clear business case is put forward.


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