Crantock – more houses than we need but then housing is not about local needs is it?

Available data suggest that permission has been granted for 67 affordable homes in Crantock parish. There are currently 30 households on the Homechoice Register with a connection to Crantock. As we know, most households on the HCR are already in accommodation. We therefore do not have to provide 30 new houses. Previous calculations suggested that you only need to provide new homes for 20% of those on the HCR, that’s 6 new houses.

So why permission for 67?

When the new affordable houses are available they will doubtless be opened up for HCR households all over Cornwall, most of whom do not require the building of a new house.

But as there is oversupply of houses, excess ones will no doubt find themselves on the open market.

After all that is what housing development is all about!


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