Andrew George calls for a National Park for Cornwall – is it a good idea?

National Park for Cornwall? Yes please
Posted on: 7th June 2018

I would support the case being made for a National Park for Cornwall.

The Government’s relaxation of planning controls is harming our environment. The planning system is fuelled by greed rather than by need. Weak planning simply means we get more of what we don’t want and less of what we need.

I work to help local families get genuinely affordable housing. We need more of it. But treating Cornwall as a developers’ paradise is not the answer. Cornwall is one of the fastest growing regions in the UK. It has more than doubled its housing stock in the last 45 years, yet the housing problems of locals have got worse.

It may sound counterintuitive, but we won’t solve Cornwall’s housing problems by just building more houses. The solution is more complex. National Park status would help us protect what we cherish and get what we really need.

Andrew George is correct to state that building more houses wont solve Cornwall’s housing problems, but is National Park status a suitable option?

We shall explore the issues over the next week or so


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