Asking to build more houses than we need – why?

According to the news – see below – Cornwall Council is looking to increase the numbers of houses built in Cornwall – again!

Very difficult to see how when at most 27,000 houses are needed a target of 52,500 is the local plan target and the idea is to bump it up to 58,000! Contrary to Andrew Mitchells comment that Cornwall is under-performing, the reality is that Cornwall is over providing!

Who are the extra houses for as there is no need for them! [Oh and building more houses will not reduce house prices!]

Cornwall Council could increase the number of homes it would like to see built across the county in exchange for funding from the government.
The target for the number of homes which could be built by 2030 could be extended from its current minimum of 52,500. The Government is said to be starting discussions with local authorities to see if they would be willing to raise their minimum levels to help meet targets for the number of new homes being built across the country. Cornwall Council formally adopted its local plan in November 2016 – six years into the period it covers. The document sets out planning guidelines for what development could take place across Cornwall including the number of new homes.

There were many concerns raised about the proposed figure with people concerned about the high numbers of housing growth and the impact the extra homes could have on services such as schools, health services and roads. However the council said that having a local plan would help Cornwall to have more say over development and where it should take place.

Now it has been revealed that the number of homes in the plan could rise. Councillor Rob Nolan raised the issue at a meeting of the council’s economic growth and development overview and scrutiny committee this morning, asking if there was any truth in talk of the government asking local councils to increase numbers by 10%. Andrew Mitchell, Cabinet member for housing, replied: “The Government is looking at the situation. If you add up the numbers in the local plans in England it doesn’t add up to the target needed. “There is money available to councils to increase the levels of their local plans.” Mr Mitchell said that the council was “in discussions” about whether to consider raising the number.

However he added that as the council had “underperformed” in recent years with the number of homes being built if it did accept the government offer it would “still be playing catch up”. The Cornwall local plan allows for a minimum of 52,500 homes to be built between 2010 and 2030, that is the equivalent of 2,625 a year. It states that this should be a mix of housing with a particular focus on affordable housing.


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