More road space generates more traffic!

Re the dualling of the A30 at Temple.

The proposed scheme will increase journey times and improve journey reliability, therefore making the towns of Launceston, Liskard, Fowey, St Austell, Loswithiel, Bodmin, Wadebridge, Newquay and Padstow attractive locations for locating and expanding business operations that rely on the strategic road network, thus increasing jobs and making existing jobs more accessible. In addition, improved journey times will make the far west of Cornwall more accessible and thus the number of tourist visits to areas west of Bodmin are likely to increase, therefore further expanding the tourism industry and tourism-related jobs.

From: Parsons Brinckerhof, A30 TEMPLE TO HIGHER CARBLAKE Appraisal Summary Table Report (draft), August 2013.

Previous evidence has shown that expanding the road space leads to the generation of more traffic which offsets reductions in congestion. As the report indicates the probability is that if areas become more accessable than long distance commuting will increase. increasing the number of tourists will again lead to more traffic. And more traffic on the A30 results in more traffic on other roads leading to more congestion and of course more calls for more road space! Never mind the impact on carbon emissions or the environment of Cornwall.


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