The zombies are back with more zombie ideas!

Yes the SW ‘region’ supporters are back and they have the same old zombie ideas!

Back The South West campaigners have issued a rallying cry for the region to pull together or risk being left behind in the race for post-Brexit prosperity.

With a year to go before we are set to leave the EU, business leaders across the region say that Devon and Cornwall risk becoming the ‘laggard of the UK’ plagued by digital not-spots, poor road and rail infrastructure and the brain drain to more vibrant economic areas.

Susan Davy, Chief Finance Officer at Pennon, a key partner in the #BTSW campaign and Chairman of CBI South West, said that the Government’s Industrial Strategy recognises local economies have a good supply of skilled labour, connectivity, with land available for homes, offices and factories, innovation built around a university, and an attractive cultural environment.

She said: “In recent years, the South West has developed and made progress in each of these areas.

“Yet, despite its many attributes and pockets of brilliance, the South West continues to under perform when it comes to productivity.”

“It is vital that housing is seen as a priority for the South West, both in terms of supply and to make sure that the right mix of tenures and that genuine affordable homes are built. Planning is key. Local authorities and LEPS need to take strategic action to ensure we have enough homes in the long term and that necessary development sites are made available.”

Paul Crawford, Chief Executive at Liverty

Odd, the old South West ‘region’ supporters are back and what brilliant ideas do they have? More roads and more housing. Ah yes more of those and productivity will go up!

Really? Are they serious?

Most of the A30 has been dualled, housing estates are sprouting all over the place. Cornwall has expanded its population and housing for the past 50 years and yet productivity has not reflected these changes!

Not surprising really as bumping up the population by building more houses is irrelevant to productivity.

Oh and Liverty is a Housing association – a housing developer – and housing developers of whatever colour always want more housing!!


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