More houses than population growth would warrent – why?

Fom Bernard Deacon twitter

ONS is projecting a 74,000 growth in Cornwall’s population in next 20 years. But Cornwall Council want to add 60,000 houses to stock. That’s almost one per person! Isn’t four more Truros in 20 years unsustainable enough?

Funny. Latest ONS forecasts show a reduced population growth rate for Cornwall over the next 20 years. And yet Council and Government want increased housebuilding growth rate. For whom? Or are they deliberately trying to increase population growth rate in Cornwall?

Cornwall’s popn is rising by 4k a year. That’s around 1,780 households. Yet the council wants 3,000 houses built a year. 2,130 of those are sold on the open market. Which surely adds up to an over-supply, even ignoring the so-called ‘affordable’ 29%. Who are they built for?


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