More roads – more houses – more people – more traffic – more roads – more houses – more people!

Cornwall Council will be voting on whether to invest in a new road to serve the Duchy of Cornwall’s new development next week. The council’s Cabinet recently agreed to invest £8.7million in the Newquay Strategic Route (NSR) as well as provide Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall with £7.1m for the road. The road is a major access route for the new Nansledan development in Newquay, which will see thousands of new homes built along with employment space and other facilities including a school. The NSR is said to directly unlock 1,600 new homes and 800 new jobs for the area. If accepted by full council work would start on the section of road in May next year and be completed by January 2021.

The new road is also seen as providing benefits to the wider community and easing traffic congestion in Trencreek and Quintrell Downs. It will also allow the relocation of Newquay’s household waste recycling centre.

Full council will be asked on Tuesday to approve the Cabinet decision to add the £24.4m NSR scheme to the council’s capital programme and that the council enters into a loan agreement with the Duchy of Cornwall for £7.1m.

Bob Egerton, Cabinet member for planning and regeneration, said: “Without Council intervention the full Newquay Strategic Route is not likely to be delivered in the next ten years. This proposal provides a way forward to make the lives of local residents better by improving the road network more quickly, as well as bringing forward more homes, jobs and growth.

This is a familiar situation – you put in a new road, then build more houses – the new road will not lead to less congestion as the new households will add to the number of cars in the area which will use the new (and existing roads!).

An extra 1,600 houses will result in an extra 2,160 cars on the road – no chance of less traffic then!


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