The Truro ‘new town’ (2) – how many people?

1.1 The area to the north of the A390 at Threemilestone, Truro currently has a series of planning permissions totalling approximately 2700 homes. They were granted between 2011 and 2014 prior to the adoption of the Local Plan, when the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework and the inability to show a five year housing land supply led the Council to have to approve speculative applications. This has resulted in a very significant development area, with a projected population of around 8,000 people, which will have a strategic significance for Truro as a whole.

A development of 2,700 homes is pretty big but does it mean a population of 8,000?

Using census data we can estimate the average number of people in each house in the Truro area in 2011.

This gives 22,900 people in 10,300 homes (household spaces).

That is 2.22 people per house.

On this basis 2,700 homes would result in a population of 6,000.

Where do the other 2,000 come from?

[Total household spaces = 10,782 of which 479 (4.4%) did not have any residents – ie vacant, second homes etc.


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