More development = less capacity for food production, never mind there is always Tesco!

Changes in the weather can have dramatic effects on food production as this year has shown. Probably a result of mad-made climate degradation. But never mind, just ignore the evidence, bury your head in the sand and carry on as before – more people, more houses, more development – whats that got to do with the weather!!!

What the farmers are experiencing first-hand accords with what scientists are finding. Ed Hawkins, professor of climate science at NCAS-Climate, University of Reading, who helps run – a site where volunteers digitise millions of historical weather observations – says that UK temperatures have risen by around 1.5 degrees in the last 150 years.

“It’s basic physics: warmer air can hold more moisture so, as the atmosphere warms, it means, when it does rain heavily, we get more rain than we would otherwise have done from the same storm 100 years ago.”

Counting the cost of Britain’s recent bad weather


Growers say their crops will not be ready until the end of the month, almost three weeks late.

Many growers have yet to plant.
Spring onions

Seeds which should have been sown back in February yet to go in.
Lamb and beef

Stocks have been kept indoors for weeks, meaning higher fodder prices and possible price rises for consumers.
Brassicas and lettuce

Plants due to go into the fields have had to be thrown away.

Spring barley and spring wheat weeks behind sowing schedule.


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