St. Austell garden village – not really green at all!

The ‘garden village’ has been promoted as some new departure from previous developments. Lets look at the assertions.

… the development would have “green roads” which would move away from black Tarmac and white lines and said that Cornish hedges would be used alongside roadways in the development.

Not too sure what a ‘green road’ might be – uses more sustainable materials perhaps? Painted green? But lets be honest, each new household will have on average 1.3 cars. that’s about 2,000 extra vehicles in all. Now 2,000 extra cars trundling to and fro will not be green – more air pollution, more noise and more demands on the environment. ‘Green roads’ not really green at all.

Phil Mason, the council’s chief planning officer, told councillors that while there was usually public criticism for the lack of infrastructure for developments the garden village was doing things differently. He highlighted that the council had already provided a road which would link to the scheme and that the school planned would be built before many of the homes.

As usual infrastructure whether it’s a road or a school costs money. Whether it’s provided before, during or after the development, it’s still a cost.

Mr Mason also highlighted the innovation centre which is almost complete on the site and that there would be a community centre and health facilities in the first phase

Again its still a cost! And importantly, as with all developments the facilities and jobs are not extra facilities or jobs, they are simply meeting the extra ‘demand’ from the new residents. As a society we are no better off!

The overall impact on the environment is negative


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