Garden village, eco-town – its just another housing development!

The development of a garden village with 1,500 homes on the outskirts of St Austell is moving forward with hopes that work can start by the new year.

Originally part of plans for an eco-community across a number of former Imerys china clay sites in and around St Austell and Par, the development is now a garden village at West Carclaze to the north of the town.

A briefing was given to councillors at County Hall on Wednesday (April 11) on how the plans are progressing and more details of the development.

The proposals already have outline permission but it was revealed that public consultation will start next month on the first phase of the major development.

ACE Academy Trust has secured the deal to provide the 420-place primary school on the site and is aiming to open to its first form entry in September 2020.

… the development would have “green roads” which would move away from black Tarmac and white lines and said that Cornish hedges would be used alongside roadways in the development.

Phil Mason, the council’s chief planning officer, told councillors that while there was usually public criticism for the lack of infrastructure for developments the garden village was doing things differently.

He highlighted that the council had already provided a road which would link to the scheme and that the school planned would be built before many of the homes.

Mr Mason also highlighted the innovation centre which is almost complete on the site and that there would be a community centre and health facilities in the first phase.


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