We can always (not) import food as we concrete over our farmland!!!

The obsession with building more houses ignores the fact that we need land to feed ourselves. Presumably, the supporters of housebuilding either live under the illusion that people will be eating less or that we continue to import from other parts of the world.

Lots of soya from Argentina perhaps?

Now it seems that as a result of deforestation to grow the crop the ecosystem is collapsing and the land is in danger of being washed away!

The largest of several new water courses, the Río Nuevo (New river) runs through Cuenca del Morro, a groundwater basin with a mild incline covering 373,000 hectares (nearly 1,500 sq miles) of flatlands in the province of San Luis.

Until the early 1990s, the Morro basin was a patchwork of water-absorbing forests and grasslands, but they are mostly gone, replaced by maize and soya beans.

Argentina’s transformation into a soya bean powerhouse has resulted in widespread deforestation to make way for the crop, which now covers of 60% of the country’s arable land. Some 2.4m hectares of native forest have been lost in the last 10 years, according to Greenpeace.



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