Lord Matthew Taylor and his housing development interests!

It appears from the register of interests that Lord Taylor rather than being an impartial, disinterested individual has interests in a number of companies involved in housing development! Not surprising then that he is all in favour of perpetuating the myth that we need lots more houses!

Lord Taylor of Goss Moor
Category 1: Directorships
Director, Taylor & Garner Ltd (my own company providing services on planning, housing, sustainable new communities (garden villages and towns), plus some management consultancy and related media articles/interviews); payment for the Member’s work for South West Water (paid as salary by SWW from 1 December 2017), Kensa Heat Pumps Limited, Mayfield Market Towns (see category 1) and the consultancy fee for chairing the Strategic Partnership Board for St Austell Eco-town (see category 2) are made to Taylor & Garner Ltd. Payments are also made to Taylor & Garner Ltd for consultancy services as listed above provided by Lord Taylor, recently Lugano Dissington Estate Ltd, Plymouth City Airport Ltd, Larkfleet Homes, Clarion Housing Group Ltd, Dorchester Project Management Ltd, Gladman Developments Ltd, Fawley Waterside Ltd, Newgate Communications, Metropolis Business Publishing, Cornwall Concrete Products Ltd (interest ceased 31 August 2017) and Living Villages (Newham Farm) Ltd (interest ceased 31 August 2017)
Non-executive Director, South West Water Ltd (attending Pennon plc Plenary Board) (water and sewerage services)
Non-executive Director, Mayfield Market Towns Ltd (developing sustainable communities)
Chair and Non-executive Director, Bridgehall Real Estate Limited (development company)


Hmm a lot of development companies here! For example
Bridgehall Real Estate Limited has a wealth of experience in the origination and execution of structured finance for the acquisition of real estate for investment and development, including achieving planning and delivery of large scale mixed-use development with a track-record of over 10 million square feet.


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