There is an alternative – but we need to seize the opportunity!

The last in a series of blogs about Cornwall Council and the ominously named ‘New Frontiers’ paper ends with a call for real and meaningful policy changes and the need for a new political force to demand the policies we actually need for Cornwall.

The Council and their partners say they have no alternative. But let’s imagine for a moment that Cornwall and Scilly really were test-beds for a genuinely new approach. Then we might see other plans. For example, there might be suggestions of how to create a properly sustainable and balanced stable state economy, or signposts for developing a genuinely democratic, participatory governance structure, or details of the local efforts required to achieve the near 100% cut in greenhouse gas emissions we need by 2040 to have a snowflake’s chance in hell of avoiding dangerous climate change. Such a document might ask central government for serious planning powers to reduce the numbers of second homes rather than powers to compulsorily purchase farmland for population growth. It might propose measures aimed at building a cohesive and self-confident regional identity, or put culture at the centre of its strategy. Then Cornwall and Scilly would really become a test-bed for new approaches, and we’d have a chance of conserving that ‘beautiful and fragile eco-system’, instead of wilfully and complacently destroying it in the name of profit and ‘resilience’.

We can only dream. What we need to make those dreams a reality is some organisation to channel the growing anger. We’ve already seen the collapse of one political party – Ukip – and sooner or later the surge in Labour’s membership will implode under the weight of its own contradictions and the efforts of the press, BBC and a large chunk of its own MPs. Then we’ll have a whole load of people wandering around looking for a home. Are we preparing for it? Is there any mileage in a left populist vehicle that can focus people’s frustration in Cornwall? Or is the answer a catch-all organisation committed to meaningful devolution?


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