A devolution deal for Cornwall – meeting our housing needs!

What would a request to Government for a devolution deal that:
met Cornwall’s housing needs;
fulfilled environmental sustainability criteria; and,
would obtain community consent look like?

Some ideas.

To ask Government to give Cornwall planning powers so that:

Change of use from permanent residential to second home or holiday let would require planning permission;

Properties currently used as second homes or holiday lets would be deemed to have temporary permission which would lapse if sold/change of ownership or where levels exceeded a set amount of properties;

Powers to purchase second homes/holiday lets and use them for local residents where permission had lapsed;

New developments to be for local needs only; where developers considered this option unviable to transfer the land at current value to an appropriate developer;

Powers to stop developers who have obtained pp then selling the land on to other developers. Permission should lapse at that point and have to be re-applied for;

Provision of funding to allow for the development of social housing;

Control over the private rental sector to ensure long-term tenure; fair rents and high standards.

In essence local powers to make planning policy – a Cornish planning policy that meets genuine local need rather than external demand and developers’ profits.


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