Housing fit for second home/holiday home/get away from it all buyers!

Cornwall is asking for support to accelerate planned delivery, ensuring housing is fit for purpose and tailored to Cornwall’s demographic and to maximise on private investment.

The Council has already committed to providing a 20% uplift of housing delivery up until 2021.

Our proposals would unlock an additional 9,404 high quality homes of mixed tenure to be delivered over the long term.  This will be alongside our current trajectories of 12,161 homes to be delivered in the shorter term (2017/18-2020/21).

New Frontiers – a proposition to Government that builds on the Cornwall Deal and increases our economic, environmental and social resilience!

The full report can be found at:https://democracy.cornwall.gov.uk/mgChooseDocPack.aspx?ID=7599

Looks like the plan is to build 3,000 houses a year, but we dont need 3,000 a year and they are certainly not for Cornwall’s demographic – whatever that is supposed to be! No more houses are ‘required’ to meet the ‘needs’ of second home owners, holiday home owners; investors; and in-migrants. In fact building more homes in itself creates the demand for the houses! Meeting local need is not what it is about!


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