Cornwall Council land grab proposed!

This week saw the release of a report to the ‘Customer and Support Services Overview & Scrutiny Committee’, entitled:

New Frontiers – a proposition to Government that builds on the Cornwall Deal and increases our economic, environmental and social resilience!

What is proposed is that the Council identify agricultural land for development and then compulsorily purchase it. [If anyone suggested compulsory purchasing holiday homes and lets to provide housing for those in need, it would be called outrageous and totally inappropriate!].

The main point to make is that we don’t need the extra houses! This proposal is based on attracting more people to Cornwall by building houses for them. Talk of meeting residents needs obscures what is really happening.

As for using increased land values to pay for infrastructure, this relies on selling houses on the open market at the highest price possible. It does not mean cheap housing for residents.

The report goes to the cabinet on 28th March.

Extracts from the report below. The full report can be found at:

Our Ask
To work with Government to develop a pioneering new model that would allow Cornwall Council to identify and test potential new sites for garden villages and obtain the powers necessary to acquire the allocated land at a small multiple of agricultural value. This would involve revisions to compulsory purchase legislation and new planning legislation alongside associated planning policy and regulations.

Our Offer
Our offer is to take a direct role in the delivery of new garden village settlements as part of the Council’s growth agenda and will be identified as part of our Local Plan review.
Through the Council’s Investment Programme we will add to our current initiatives and funding, with a clear ambition to be the top provider of affordable homes of all English Councils.

The programme includes a number of different interventions to build more homes that meet residents’ needs both in terms of quality and price. Over the proposed first four years of this investment programme, the combined number of new homes could reach 3,200 per year on average, dealing earlier with the housing needs clearly identified in our Local Plan.

We want to provide certainty to the private sector market and ensure that, through uplift of land value, the development of new garden village communities will pay for associated infrastructure (including schools and health provision) without recourse to the public purse.

The benefit of our offer is that more homes will be developed that are affordable to the whole community, underpinning the Local Plan’s ambitious plans for 38,000 new jobs in Cornwall by 2030, creating significant tax revenues and enabling a significant reduction in dependence on public subsidy.
At least 3,000 new homes per annum will be developed, exceeding (on a proportionate basis) the Government’s national plans for the increased supply of new homes,


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