The impact of more houses for Cornwall

If the Government gets its way (and it probably will) Cornwall will probably see more allocations and permissions granted for housing. Developers may be forced/encouraged to use some of their permissions to build houses.

Now as we know none of these extra houses will be required to meet housing need, and as the issue is not one of supply but earnings, welfare changes etc, will not help anyone who wants an affordable property.

So what will happen to the extra houses?

Unlike some areas developers know there is a market (which they themselves foster and create) for those wanting to move to Cornwall for lifestyle reasons (a quieter slower pace of life, less traffic – they are in for a surprise!); to have a second home; a property to use as a holiday rental (lots of dosh); and a property for an investment.

You can bet that developers, estate agents and associated groups will be working hard to market those extra houses, oh and if you do want an affordable house to live in, forget it!


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