BiSINEBs speak out!

Whenever the Government draw up plans for even more (unneeded) housing, you can be sure a BiSINEB can be found to support the plans.

Last week Russell Dodge (of Business Location Services Ltd) came out attacking the planning system.

The planning system is broken and a decision to punish local councils if they don’t make sure more homes are built will make things worse, a planning expert has claimed after the Government announced a shake-up of planning rules. Russell Dodge, a chartered architect with 40 years’ experience and the managing director of Business Location Services in Truro, believes proposed plans by Whitehall to “cane local council” for not meeting their housing targets, and “cane” developers too with increased rules, regulations and a prohibitive planning cost, will make things worse.
“I’ve been living and breathing planning for the past 40 years and I can tell you that it has become a nightmare,” he said. “The whole planning system is broken. Every time the Government plays with the system they break it even more.”
Mr Dodge believed the planning system has been made more complicated than it ought to be because, while there is a national planning framework and local planning system in place, the neighbourhood development plans, introduced by the Conservative-led Coalition in 2011 as part of the Localism Act, have given ‘nimbys’ (Not In My Backyard) far too much power. The Housing Secretary Javid Sajid has warned councils their housing planning powers could be taken away from them if they don’t meet their housing targets. “Cornwall Council is trying to free up land to make it easier to meet its housing target but the nimby factor is using the neighbourhood plans to stop developments,” Mr Dodge added. “You can’t give Cornwall Council a caning for not meeting its target when neighbourhood plans are being used to stop developments.

It is unsurprising that a developer wants more development so should we take any notice of their views? Probably not. The evidence is that the planning system makes it very easy for developers to get permissions (just look around Cornwall); and at the same time the evidence from those who have examined the figures is that we dont need extra houses anyway!

But never mind, the BiSINEBs (Biased Self Interested Not Evidence Based) will always pop up and make thier views known!

And contrary to Mr Dodges views, the so called NIMBYs are right, we don’t need the extra development!

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