Using the right figures turns a housing shortfall into a surplus!

In a blog in December Ian Mulheirn points out why a report from the CPS (in common with many others) is wrong.

MP Chris Philp has penned a monograph for the Centre for Policy Studies on what’s behind the housing crisis. You guessed it, he concludes it’s a lack of supply. It’s a clearly-argued piece, drawing on many of the same data sources as various recent parliamentary reports and the housing white paper from earlier this year.

According to the CPS … the cumulative shortfall in dwellings since 2000. London, it’s claimed, has faced an undersupply of 343,000 units! The UK’s shortfall is put at 700,000 houses. … in fact, London added 74,000 more homes than households, and the UK as a whole 365,000 more homes than households (up to 2016).

View story at

What a surprise if you use the wrong data you get the wrong results!


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