Building more houses – a case of policy racing ahead of evidence.

Yesterday saw the launch of a policy of building more houses with the Prime Minister arguing for changes to planning rules.

Housing Secretary, Sajid Javid, said:

An entire generation is being locked out of a broken housing market as prices and rents race ahead of supply. Reforming the planning system is the crucial next step to building the homes the country needs.

This government is determined to fix the broken housing market and restore the dream of home ownership for a new generation. There is no silver bullet to this problem but we’re re-writing the rules on planning so we can take action on all fronts.

In moving to a more integrated society, the focus for everyone, whether a developer or a neighbourhood group, must be to come together to build the homes our communities deserve.

As expected the Government has come up with more rhetoric about building more homes. A case of policy racing ahead of evidence. We wonder if the Government (and opposition) get their policy from the Noddy guide to economics. This is based on the simplistic belief that the only factors that affect house prices and rents are supply and demand.

In reality the housing market is more complex than that but never mind Government ministers plough on regardless.

As for facts they are missing from Government policy – not that that is a new phenomenon!


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