Meeting local need?

More on the new housing proposed by Cornwall Council.

The HDP seeks to improve the quality, choice and affordability in the private rented sector, while providing a mixed tenure of homes:

– 50% private market rental
– 35% affordable rent and shared ownership in line with local planning policy
– 15% sold to the private market on completion

It is proposed that the private and affordable rented homes and the homes in shared ownership in the pilot phase and in the HDP should be
owned and managed by a wholly owned Council company.

Lettings will be in accordance with a Local Lettings Plan which gives priority for the Market Rented homes to households with a local connection through residence, employment or caring responsibilities.

In addition to providing high-quality market rented accommodation the HDP will deliver affordable housing in accordance with local plan requirements without grant, using cross subsidy. These homes will be of an equal standard including in respect of space and flexibility. The Affordable Rented homes will be let in accordance with the Council’s published Allocations Policy.

3.5 The HDP aims to make a financial return to Cornwall Council. This will help to take the pressure off austerity cuts to services.

For more: Cornwall Council, Cabinet, 7th February 2018, Public Pack Agenda documents, Housing Development Programme and Company.

A number of questions.

If houses are available under a private rental market scenario and people cannot afford the private rent does this mean they will be unable to rent?
Does this mean that houses not rented out to those households with a local connection will then (as in the private rented sector) be rented out on a first come first serve basis? This of course would undermine the whole idea of meeting local need.

If there are more houses available for private renting from this source will this facilitate the transfer of private rented properties into holiday home/let sectors?

If this approach to housebuilding is seen as a profitable investment by the Council will it be an inducement for the housing target to be increased?


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