Porthcurno (stale) ideas to deal with increased traffic!

Increasing Porthcurno traffic sees fresh ideas to solve issue including a potential new road to the Minack Theatre. The ideas contained in an ‘Action Plan’ from last year range from amendments to pinch-points, changes to signage and looking at making alterations with public transport services to having conversations about the possibility of creating a new road.

“Last year at the Minack we had just under 300,000 visitors both for performances and in the daytime, the telegraph museum and the landscape attracts thousands more and just down the road you have the beach – which is one of the most photographed around and promotes Cornwall globally.
“This is why, in recent years, Porthcurno has been getting increasingly busier for traffic. Most bits of the road are not suitable for two cars to pass each other, let alone a bus, so that’s why we are looking at all possible suggestions.”

The Minack director added that in 2017 the theatre changed the way it booked its coach tours, after a few incidents where coaches would meet each other or buses on the narrow roads and cause traffic chaos.

For more: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/increasing-porthcurno-traffic-sees-fresh-1158446#ICID=sharebar_facebook

What do we have then? An area which attracts a lot of visitors because of the scenery, a theatre and museum; to get to these traffic – mainly cars – uses narrow country roads.

What is to be done?

Stale ideas like allowing and encouraging more car traffic should be ruled out. Lets be realistic – think of climate change, think of the local environment.

We are back to public transport whether people like it or not. Obviously this requires careful planning to allow buses to access the area. With new technology and careful route planning it should be possible to establish a system which allows access but minimises car use.

Of course we should be doing that everywhere. Car use reduction should be the MAIN objective of transport planning, not encouraging it!


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