300,000 houses – more misinformation

Anyone listening to the Today programme this week could be forgiven for falling into believing that 300,000 houses need to be built each year. Earlier in the week an interviewee stated that they were only building half the houses needed and was not questioned and today, in a section on house building in Kent, the presenter referred to ‘the 300,000 houses Ministers and others say they are committed to …’

By not questioning the 300,000 house figure the BBC is clearly agreeing with it which may well encourage people to support more housing.

As we know the 300,000 figure is way above what is needed.

2001-13 an average of 165,000 households per year, and 169,000 extra dwellings a year.

If we went for a figure of 170,000 a year to meet housing need why build another 130,000 a year?


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