Home Choice Register – changes ahead!

There are currently 18,500 households registered with Cornwall Homechoice and only a small number of vacancies each week.

Applying to the register
Applicants who have assets valued at over £50,000, or those who have an income of £60,000 or more will not qualify to join Cornwall Homechoice.
Other than in exceptional circumstances, a household where anyone has demonstrated anti-social behaviour within the last 2 years will not be able to join the register.

Low level Welfare need will no longer be banded
Banding will only be given for Urgent and high level cases of disrepair
Applicants who are owed a statutory homeless duty by the Council will be Band ‘C’ rather than Band ‘B’
Meeting two banding criteria will no longer result in moving to the band above e.g. Two Band C criteria will no longer equal a Band ‘B’

Applying for properties

To be allocated a council home or a home managed by one of our partner registered providers to which the Council has nomination rights, applicants must be able to demonstrate a 3 year local connection.
For homes owned and managed by the Council, preference will be given to an applicant whose household income is £30,000 or less.
Applicants can bid for one property per bidding cycle (usually a week).
Applicants who do not bid on any property for 12 months will be removed from the register.
Refusals – Applicants who turn down 2 suitable and reasonable properties that are offered to them are removed from the register and cannot reapply for a period of 12 months.

For more: https://www.cornwallhousing.org.uk/housing/housing-strategy/council-allocation-scheme/


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