2018 – another year of delusions and fake news?

We can expect 2018 to be similar to 2017

Policy makers and the commentariat will continue to delude themselves:
that we can grow the economy and be sustainable

We can’t, the earths resources are finite

that population growth is good for society and the economy

as above – the earths resources are finite

On housing there will be more fake news

that we must build more houses as there are more households than houses being built!

Its not true but apart from here, Cornwall a developers’ paradise and Ian Mulhearn that’s what you will hear

There will also be a refusal to admit that Government policy on welfare; market failure (second homes/holiday homes/investment property); the low levels of income tax for high earners; a jobs market which has failed to provide good well paid jobs for many, particularly the young; have all made housing affordability a major problem.

Without leadership the majority of the public will carry on as before, consuming more than is needed to provide that extra boost to sustain a feeling of happiness; seeking greater spectacles in an effort to hide from the realities of a society in crisis.


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