More fake news – a ‘Guardian’ report!

The housing crisis could profoundly change Britain’s electoral politics, rallying support for the left but also potentially boosting the far right, Britain’s former top civil servant has said.

Bob Kerslake, the head of the civil service under David Cameron, told the Guardian the government’s failure to build enough cheap social housing and public anger over housebuilders’ bonuses means “more people feeling like they are losing out from the UK economy”

    The UK is 110,000 new homes short of the annual target of 300,000 set by the chancellor Philip Hammond in November’s budget to be achieved by the mid-2020s. New homes for social rent – the cheapest rents charged for council housing – are only being built at the rate of 6,800 a year.

We do NOT need to build 300,000 houses a year!
Between 2001-13 there was an average of 165,000 households per year, and 169,000 extra dwellings were built each year. Basically in balance, not a shortage!

He also thinks their access to the scheme should depend on their commitment to building affordable housing, and investing in training workers in construction skills. He predicts a looming problem with around 500,000 construction workers expected to retire in the next five years and many of the 200,000 from the EU expected to go back to their home countries as a result of Brexit.

“We are risk on the labour supply,” he said. “We face a major investment need in skills at a time when we are trying to build more.”

Does Lord Kerslake not realise that importing construction workers only adds to the demand for housing?

For actual facts on housing why not read Ian Mulhearns blog:-

View story at


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