Boxing Day sales: bargain hunters out in force across UK – so never mind your environment!

Move towards online sales and rising prices fails to deter legions of shoppers for traditional first day of high street sales

The Christmas shopping marathon has continued in earnest with thousands of Britons queuing from the early hours to get their hands on Boxing Day bargains.

More than 1,000 people were waiting outside Next in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre before its 6am opening, with some eager shoppers standing sentinel from 12.30am.

Unlike most high street rivals, Next does not cut its prices before Christmas and the big crowds outside its branches, including 1,000 at the Silverburn centre in Glasgow and 500 at Highcross Leicester, show Britons think its sale, when its slashes clothing and homewares prices by two-thirds, is still worth getting out of bed for.

Ah well not a surprise, Britons are still fixated with consumerism, the quick fix to blot out the realities of living in an increasingly dystopian society.

We could proffer an alternative – a more sustainable one, less dependent on consumerism; a fairer one, allowing people to take time off and relax; and one where we appreciate some of the free benefits of the planet.


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