Delusional disorder? Cornwall’s housing growth summit

From Cornwall – a developers paradise

A collective mania firmly grips political and economic elites. Symptoms manifest themselves in the delusion that we live on an elastically extendable planet, with infinite resources available to plunder at will. The escalator of never-ending ‘growth’, infinite consumption and all-devouring greed has no end, no limits.

The growth fetishists at Lys Kernow are frantically trying to ‘grow’ more houses and more people. As if one of the highest regional population growth rates since the 1960s isn’t enough. For these people the transformation of our communities and environment has to be ramped up. We need more. More houses. More roads. More cars. More shops and more jobs for all those extra people who will come and live in the extra houses, to enjoy their ‘Cornwall lifestyle’ in a suburbanised wasteland. Last year only a handful of English counties had a higher housebuilding rate than Cornwall

Having dumped us onto this merry-go-round they have no idea how to stop it. Even if they wanted to. On the contrary, not content with a new build rate in Cornwall of 2,600 houses a year in 2016-17, equal to an extra Truro every four years or so, these impossibilists are still not satisfied. To that end, Cornwall Council hosts a ‘housing growth summit’ at St Austell. This will seek ways to ‘accelerate housing delivery’. The inhabitants of this little ‘growth at all costs’ bubble will meet to breezily reassure themselves that their new suit is not in actuality just more of the same old emperor’s new clothes.

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