Cornwall faces more unnecessary house building

As the moral panic over housebuilding targets builds we can expect pressure to build more houses in Cornwall. This might appear a common sense approach yet Cornwall does not need more houses.

The population of Cornwall is basically stable, the need for new housing is therefore limited. Some need arises from those on the HCR, but many of these households are already housed. We do not need to build more houses for every household on the HCR.

In the past we have estimated that we need to build something between 5,000 to 29,000 houses over a 20 year period.

You might ask what are all the extra houses for? The latter figure takes into account a degree of continuing in-migration. Population increase in Cornwall is solely a consequence of in-migration. If we had a stable population then the housing target would be towards the lower end of the scale.

So, if we need at most 29,000 and the target is 52,500 what are all the extra houses for?

1) To encourage more in-migration;
2) Second homes;
3) Holiday homes;
4) Investment properties.

Increasing the housing target will provide more houses for developers to market to people who live elsewhere, largely but not exclusively in SE England. As we have stated before building houses creates its own external demand, housebuilding in Cornwall does not reflect local need or demand.


One comment on “Cornwall faces more unnecessary house building

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