Sajid Javid announces radical new plans to provide housing!

Speaking this morning the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announced new plans to provide housing for those in housing need. He said “For too long communities have been misled about the need for new housing in their area. They are dragooned into accepting new houses with the loss of greenfield land on the basis that this will provide much needed homes for local people. Then they discover that due to lax planning regulations and developers exploiting the system that the new houses end up as buy-to-let properties, holiday homes or are sold to the highest bidder often from miles away.”

He stated “From now on councils must make sure that they only allow housing that will meet local need, where developers come forward with plans for housing that is clearly not for people in need, the plans must be rejected. Tighter rules will mean that new houses can only be used to meet local housing need. Developers will not be allowed to build houses which are then advertised elsewhere.”

The communities Secretary also announced plans to fund housing in local authorities, making it possible to provide housing directly to those who needed it rather than to those who just made a financial gain.”

Hang on, he’s not really going to do that is he? Britain’s broken politicians have no idea other than to repeat the mantra We must build more houses!!!


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