Penhale – bogus benefits!

The benefits of the Penhale development are stated to include:

A financial contribution of £306,432 towards the construction or extension of education infrastructure facilities at Cubert CP Primary School.

Extra spaces for extra pupils – no net benefit!

A financial contribution of £289,164 towards the purchase of and provision of land within the St Agnes & Perranporth CNA to provide
a full-size football pitch, the preparation of that land & associated infrastructure, the laying out of the playing surface(s) and the
construction of ancillary sports facilities.

Sounds like an inducement which will be of use to a limited section of the population.

A financial contribution of £246,400 towards upgrading of the A3075 Cubert Crossroads.

Again will only cater for the extra traffic (and unsustainable tourist traffic). No net benefit!

New employment opportunities will be provided on site a… Extra jobs for extra people. No net benefit!

Wider improvements to the public transport services including Increased potential patronage and a clear turning facility will provide a wider benefit in this respect.

More bus users? We doubt it very much. If as expected it generally caters for affluent households they probably wont be using the bus!


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