Its not more land or houses its the tenure!!!

Andrew Whitaker, planning director of the Home Builders Federation, told the programme that land needed to be made available alongside additional council powers. He said: Of course what we must see is additional land coming forward. We can’t just substitute tenure, so we can’t just use the land that the private sector would have used to develop housing.

Not surprisingly the HBF want the opportunity to build more houses and make more profit! But we dont need more houses we need to increase the share of existing new build which are affordable including public sector!

If members of the HBF built houses for need not greed (the luxury end of the market etc), there would be sufficient housing for all.

We need to tell builders what to build not allow them to exploit the situation.

In Cornwall more houses are built than are required to meet local need, most are for people moving to Cornwall, second/holiday homes etc.


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