More houses (than needed) in Cornwall

Last week we announced the outline of the Governments new housing target proposals and the methodology used to justify them. What does it all mean for Cornwall?

The current iteration of the ‘Local Plan’ has a target of 52,500 houses in Cornwall. As we and others have pointed out in the past, these figures are way above what is actually required for Cornwall.

The new proposals identify that affordability is a problem in Cornwall without recognising the causes and consequently suggest that the housing target be increased by 10%. Thats another 264 houses a year or 2,640 over ten years or 5,280 over twenty years. Thats a lot of extra houses taking the total up to 57,780!

Will extra houses make housing in Cornwall more affordable? No.

As we have pointed out before house prices in Cornwall are pushed up way above what the resident population could afford by demand for second homes; holiday lets and people moving to Cornwall ‘to get away from it all’.

Population growth in Cornwall is due to in-migration not natural growth. Cornwall is catering for ‘demand’ generated elsewhere!

Was the figure of 73,000 we used last week incorrect? The new methodology might suggest that it was an over-estimate but pressure (developers, the leisure sector, growth at all costs fanatics), is there to push the target upwards.


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