The madness of Sajid Javids plans!

Yesterday we outlined the plans by Sajid Javid to push up house building levels. This is a response to the White Paper launched earlier in the year which talked of Britains broken housing market. While we agree with the concept of a broken housing market we do not accept the proposed ‘reforms’. At the time of the white paper we said:

‘Fixing our broken housing market’ is the latest policy statement on housing.

The starting point is to build more homes. This will slow the rise in housing costs so that more ordinary working families can afford to buy a home and it will also bring the cost of renting down. We need to build many more houses, of the type people want to live in, in the places they want to live.To do so requires a comprehensive approach that tackles failure at every point in the system.

There is no evidence that building more houses will slow the rise in housing costs. House prices reflect incomes, mortgage rates, demand for investment/holiday property.

First, we need more land for homes where people want to live. All areas need a plan to deal with the housing pressures they face and communities need a say in the homes that are built. We will require all areas to have up-to-date plans in place and ensure that communities are comfortable with how new homes look.

Presumably this means that areas like Cornwall where housing pressure is high due to in-migration, second/holiday homes etc have to provide for non-local need? And as we know this housing pressure is encouraged by developers and others!

This country doesn’t have enough homes. That’s not a personal opinion or a political calculation. It’s a simple statement of fact.

No sorry Sajid its not a fact its a myth.

Over the next few days will we give a more in-depth assessment of the latest policy proposals, the flaws and implications for Cornwall.

For more on the release see our page.

For the full release see:


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