Cornwall Council bailing out developers to meet unneccesary housing targets!

The Council are one step further to taking a ‘proactive role in delivering local housing’ in the Truro area. Yesterday, Cabinet agreed that work should progress over the possibility of acquiring land at Langarth Farm, Threemilestone, Truro at commercial values to save the development as a whole.

A final decision will be taken by members when full Council finally meets in November.

Questions to the Council: Development at Langarth dominates Cabinet meeting

The cabinet room and public gallery was nearly full as the Cabinet needed to decide whether negotiations to buy the land could continue, after the private developers had pulled out.

It was the general consensus at the meeting that the plans for the whole area to the western approach to Truro, which includes the Stadium For Cornwall was a pig’s ear, made up of many separate developments and planning applications cobbled together. However in the great Cornish pragmatist tradition most councillors reluctantly agreed ‘we are where we are and we’ve got to make the best of it’.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for Homes, Andrew Mitchell said: “At the time these planning applications were approved we did not have a Local Plan in place. Now we do, we are in a stronger position to resist unwanted development but we are where we are with this site, along with several others along the A390 corridor. The planning permission is in place so it is a question of when development will take place, not if. It is now for the Council to take back some control and unpick some of the issues that are holding up the provision of quality new homes as well as unlocking improved infrastructure, including a northern access road.”

No secret deals and it’s not linked to the Stadium insist Council as they forge ahead with plans to buy Langarth for housing needs

The big issue of course is that Cornwall does not need all of these extra houses! The housing target in the ‘local plan’ is based on the wrong assumptions and data. Many of the new houses will meet the ‘needs’ of people moving to Cornwall not local need.

Would a ‘Local plan’ have made any difference as claimed? Probably not, all of the material produced prior to the LP being finalised argued for bumping up the housing figures around Truro – ‘Local Plan’ or no plan makes little difference.


One comment on “Cornwall Council bailing out developers to meet unneccesary housing targets!

  1. bwdeacon says:

    Mitchell supported the Charter for Cornwall before getting re-elected in May. No contradiction in failing to take this opportunity to rethink the unsustainable disaster unfolding west of Truro then.

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