UKIP manifesto, housing – short on detail!

The last of the big four parties that produce policies for England.

Successive governments have failed to meet the housing needs of an increasing population. Of the 140,000 homes due to be built this year,
80,000 will be absorbed by population growth, exacerbated by immigration, so at best only 60,000 will begin to address the current chronic shortage.

Labour, the Conservatives, and other parties in this election will promise to build hundreds of thousands of new homes, but their plans are not credible. There are not enough workers in the traditional construction industry to meet their targets. Planning permission remains slow and difficult to obtain and developers have no incentive to build more, because under-supply boosts their margins and land bank values.

UKIP is the only party being realistic about what can be done to increase the housing supply and putting forward a viable solution: a bold policy to roll out high quality, low cost factory built modular (FBM) homes, affordable on the national average wage of £26,000.

What can we say about this manifesto?
Its limited in its detail;
It is as far as we know the only manifesto that refers to the impact of population growth on housing demand;
Rather oddly it thinks there are insufficient workers in the construction sector (strange how there seem to plenty on hand to build luxury houses!);
Planning permission slow and difficult to obtain – really? We think not;
True under-supply does benefit developers profits (as does building luxury housing);
Factory built homes – ah well!

No reference to second homes, holiday lets or housing for investment; no recognition that we build more houses than there are households.

Overall, the manifesto appears not to have been well thought out, though that could be a statement about other manifestos!


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