The Green party – some good bits, lots of missed opportunities and no housing target!

The Green party manifesto in the section ‘A Place to call home’, states:

· A living rent for all through rent controls and more secure tenancies for private renters, an end to letting fees and the introduction of
mandatory licensing for all landlords.
· Giving tenants a voice by supporting the development of renters’ unions.
· A major programme to build affordable, zero carbon homes, including 100,000 social rented homes each year by 2022.
· End mass council house sales and scrap Right to Buy at discounted prices.
· Abolish the cruel and unfair bedroom tax.
· Action on empty homes to bring them back into use and a trial of a Land Value Tax to encourage the use of vacant land and reduce speculation.
· Protect young people’s housing needs by reinstating housing benefit for under 21s and reverse housing benefits cuts.
· Stop declaring people as ‘intentionally homeless’ and give Local Authorities the same duties towards single people and childless couples as to
· Help first-time buyers by aiming for house price stability – axing buy-to-let tax breaks, and backing community-led approaches to building
affordable homes.
· Significantly improve housing choice for D/deaf, disabled and older people by requiring all councils to appropriately plan for their housing
needs and significantly increase the numbers of homes built to lifetime home and mobility standards over the next 5 years.

Again lots of areas left – second homes, holiday lets, population increase due to immigration.


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