Liberal Democrats would build 110,000 houses in Cornwall over 20 years!!!!

Following the release of the Lib Dem manifesto, we did a quick calculation to see what the housing target would mean for Cornwall.

Using the Lib Dem target of 300,000 new houses a year across England, and assuming that Cornwall’s share is the same as the current share of new housing (about 1.8%), would result in 5,484 new houses each year in Cornwall or 110,000 over twenty years.

Thats over a doubling of the current unsustainable housing target of 52,500 houses!

Do the Lib Dems (or anyone else) think that is a good idea?

As most of the houses in the existing local plan will not go to meet local need, the additional houses would only go to boost the number of second homes/investment properties and the number of people moving to Cornwall for lifestyle purposes!


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