A lot of building going on in Redruth!!!

“Theres a lot of building going on in Redruth, a lot of it is obviously needed and necessary otherwise it wouldn’t be happening”

So said a Redruth resident interviewed on the Today programme on Radio 4 yesterday.

So there we have it – developers only build houses because they are needed, otherwise why would they build them?

It just shows that people’s perceptions are not based on any analysis of the situation and you could ask why would they be. The majority of the population do not study housing policy or housing economics any more than they study fishing policy. Their views are based on what they pick up from the media together with simple beliefs about why things happen. They assume that there must be a logical reason for things to happen.

The facts however tell us something different.

Developers build houses because they can and do make a profit from them. Why do they build them in Cornwall then – well its got little to do with meeting local need as we don’t need that many houses, its largely to do with meeting the ‘needs’ of people who want to move to Cornwall for lifestyle reasons. A ‘need’ which is created and encouraged by a panoply of people and organisations who sell Cornwall as a place to live, work and play. It is rather sad yet understandable that the woman or man in the Redruth street is unaware of this and passively and unquestioningly accepts what is happening.


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