Whats wrong with housing in Cornwall?

Quite simply housing in Cornwall is a mess.

We build lots of houses, far more than we require to meet local need, yet at the same time fail to provide good housing for too many people.

We have a developer led planning system – developers want to build houses – they get built, but developers build houses to sell to the highest bidder not to meet housing need.
– houses are built to satisfy the demand for second homes, investment properties, and people moving to Cornwall for a lifestyle change.

House building and associated development is eating up our green areas and agricultural resources.

We are building lots more houses at higher densities and more flats.

People have less choice over where to live – few can live in the type of house or area they would like to.

We have a three tier housing market:
– the luxury end for the affluent whether to live in, use as holiday accommodation or second homes;
– the getting by sector for residents who can just about afford to buy or rent;
– the no choice/high cost sector – for those only able to rent or buy ‘cheaper’ properties – invariably in the less desirable areas.

An increasing number of people live in environmentally poor areas with little greenspace – particularly private garden, poor air quality, higher than appropriate noise levels and quality of life.

Housing costs are high whether buying or renting, leading to a loss of disposable income for many households.

Instead of providing better housing we are just providing more housing of the wrong type and in the wrong environment.

How do we get out of this mess?


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