Whither Cornwall?

As the dust settles on the local elections in Cornwall, the process is underway of forming a new administration for the Council. The Conservatives with 46 seats are front runners for leading the Council either as a minority administration or in coalition. The Liberal Democrats could of course continue in coaliton with the Independents – jointly having 67 Councillors. We shall see.

But what are the options for housing and planning policy?

Probably no change with a continuation of the business as usual approach – more houses and more houses!

But there is an alternative, starting with the four pledges of the Charter for Cornwall.

Although only 19 of the elected Councillors signed up to the four pledges of the Charter for Cornwall, it makes a good starting point for the future.

The four pledges were:

to do everything possible, including working with other councillors across party lines, to reduce Cornwall Council’s excessive housing targets.

to put local needs first, work to restore the supply of social rented housing and increase the proportion of good quality, genuinely affordable housing.

to seek to limit the growth of second homes and reduce the number of second homes in communities where levels are excessive.

to support the devolution of strategic planning to Cornwall and the replacement of a developer-led planning system by a truly democratic system that works for local residents.


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