Support A Charter for Cornwall – help them to help you!

Now that a general election has been called it’s more important than ever to get the candidates in the local elections focused on Cornwall and its communities rather than party loyalties. We’ve now listed all the candidates on our website and asked all of them whether they support the four pledges of the Charter. At present an encouraging 68 have supported the four pledges, while 380 have either not responded, refused to respond or do not support all four. Those who state why usually mention their unwillingness to sign up to the first pledge, committing them to work for a reduced housing target.

We are adding information to the site to enable voters to made informed choices on who to vote for. This includes links to the councillors’ voting record on the housing target and to statements they may have added to the Charter website.

We have also called for help in compiling information on their election leaflets, so far with little response. We need to know if they are making the Charter and its pledges election issues. In other words do they mention an excessive housing target, social rented housing, second homes or the devolution of planning explicitly in their election literature? But we can only do this with your help. There’s a guide at


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