HCR (waiting list) does not reflect housing need – says Cornwall Council!

A further note on the misleading nature of the HCR!

Cornwall Council, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee, 19 January 2017, Strategic Housing Review

Qualification for an allocation
– the current policy allows access to the register and allocation of social housing to a wide range of residents; there are very few applicants precluded from joining the register. This means that the Housing Register is large for a population of Cornwall’s size and does not accurately reflect housing need (those applicants that fall into a reasonable preference category). For example, 50% of applicants on the register are in band E. With a current register of approx. 18,500 applicants…

We have critiqued the HCR on several occasions, highlighting its flaws including the production of misleading data and pointing out that it provided developers and thier allies with figures that unsurprisingly supported thier contention that we ‘needed to build more houses’!


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