Making your vote count – what do Cornwall council candidates think about housing?

The Charter for Cornwall campaign is attempting to provide details of candidates’ attitudes to an excessive housing target, social rented housing, second ‘homes’ and the devolution of planning, so that people can make some informed choices when they vote. But there’s little response, If knowledge is power then we’re stuffed.

It’s easy for candidates to click on a button and sign up to the four pledges and many have. However, to decide who to vote for we need more convincing evidence. Can they convince us they are serious about the issues of developer-led growth, genuine affordability, second homes and planning in Cornwall?

In addition to signing up to the Charter, do candidates mention these issues in their election leaflets? We need your help in monitoring this. Here’s a checklist to look for. Does the candidate explicitly mention

the excessive housing target

housing for social rent

second homes

devolution of planning

If they do, what do they say about them? Or are they silent on these issues? Let us know.

You can email us at or send a message via the contact/support page. (Don’t forget to tell us the name and ward of the candidate). Or you can upload photos of leaflets to election and we can access them there. We will then add the information to the ward pages. .

Knowledge is power! Only you can help us increase our knowledge and help return the best councillors.


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